Using a P-channel MOSFET as in Normally Close Circuit

The ZVP2110a is an P-channel Power Enhancement mode MOSFET. Having made a Normally Open circuit previously using an N-channel MOSFET, I thought why not create a Normally Closed circuit using an P-channel MOSFET. When gate-to-source voltage at -10V (source voltage greater than gate voltage), the MOSET turns ON and the LED lights up. When a control signal is applied to bring gate-to-source voltage to 0V or greater, the MOSFET turns off, in turn switching the LED off.

The table below which I took reference from here, does a nice of explaining the different modes of operation for the different types of MOSFETS.

Happy Hacking!

MOSFET Type V GS << 0 V GS = 0 V GS >> 0
N-channel Enhancement OFF OFF ON
N-channel Depletion OFF ON ON
P-channel Enhancement ON OFF OFF
P-channel Depletion ON ON OFF