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At heart I am a deeply technical and result-oriented person. I've worked with sophisticated and demanding enterprise customers and have an understanding of how to manage their expectations and inspire confidence.

Keen to seek new challenges, I am always looking at how to expand my knowledge and capability, and am happy to share this knowledge whenever possible. Never accepting the status quo, I am driven to investigate new and innovative solutions to existing problems using both new and existing technologies.

I prefer small companies/startups which call for using the best people available anywhere in the world, transparency, and strong tools for collaboration and communication.


  • Engineering experience: Industrial aeroderivative gas turbine control, automation and instrumentation.
  • Programming experience: System and network level with some graphical user interface. Most recent experience is industrial control systems. Past include embedded Linux and Android.
  • Product Development: Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified - Data driven approach in the study of potential new and existing features, use cases, feasibility studies, estimation and prioritization.
  • Business Development: Working with business oriented people on technical issues, both internally and externally.


Siemens (Aeroderivative Gas Turbines)

Regional Technical Support Engineer 2017 - Present, Singapore

  • Supporting installed control systems for industrial gas turbines.
  • Assisting with the implementation of control system upgrades, in both control and HMI/SCADA applications.
  • Interface between the Project and global Engineering teams to ensure that technical solutions are delivered on time and meeting customer requirements.
  • Conduct Unit Health Assessments on customer's ageing gas turbine assets, presenting the customer with OEM maintenance best practices, as well as available Mods and Ups opportunities to maximize machine reliability or upgrade existing functionality.
  • Analyze performance of electric fuel control valves and develop software to automate testing.


Graduate Engineer 2015-2017, Singapore

  • Developed the Siemens SGT-A35 training simulator as a digitalization initiative. Main code is in Python.
  • Completed a group project to develop SGT-A65 Trent Safety Instrumented System (SIS) proof testing procedures.
  • Ported and validated the SGT-A35 HMI application to Windows 10.
  • Did 3 job placements in Warwick (UK), Ohio (USA) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) as part of the graduate programme.

Centre for Strategic Infocomm Technologies (CSIT)

Engineering Research Intern 2014, Singapore

CSIT is an agency in MINDEF that focuses on R&D and solutions development in information and communications technologies to fulfil the strategic needs of Singapore.

  • Implemented a USB sniffer / protocol analyzer on the BeagleBoard-XM (Angstrom OS).
  • Developed a USB driver in C to emulate the BeagleBoard-XM as a human interface device (Debian).


Software Engineer 2013, Palo Alto

Appington provides Rich Audio Ads to let publishers monetize mobile apps and advertisers engage audiences.

  • Developed components for analytics and reporting (MongoDB, Python).
  • Developed analytics portion of Appington Dashboard (jquery, bootstrap, Highcharts, AppEngine ndb & memcache, Python).
  • Developed numerous internal company tools to improve productivity (mostly Python).
  • Developed Android (Java) and Unity (C#) applications to showcase the Appington SDK.
  • Worked closely with clients to integrate the Appington SDK; identifying areas of the product which can help improve the user experience.


Co-founder 2012, Singapore

Juubs is a task-sourcing site which solves the problem of outsourcing. With a ready pool of task-runners, people can conveniently use Juubs to outsource tasks.

  • Adopted a lean startup approach to develop the platform.
  • Startup Weekend Singapore 2012 finalist and had startup incubated in the Garag3 at NUS.

Futuremate Electrical Services

Engineer Apprentice 2010-2012, Singapore

Futuremate Electrical Services sells, services and supports industrial pneumatic systems such as oil injected rotary screw air compressors, industrial water chillers and air dryers.

  • Part of a 4 man team installing, repairing and servicing industrial pneumatic systems (Air compressors, refrigerated air dryers & industrial water chillers).
  • Provided documentation for risk assessment and risk management of company's work activities.
  • Prototyped a data logger on Arduino to log and process temperature and pressure readings of of air compressors.


USB Key: A data protection and loss prevention solution for USB storage device 2014

  • As part of my university's final year project, I worked in a team to prototype USB Key. My role was to engineer a solution to provide an encrypted filesystem of the USB storage device and provide on-the-fly encryption during file transfer.
  • Prototyped USB Key on the BeagleBone Black using technologies such as Linux mass storage gadget driver and Linux Unified Key Setup
  • One minute product demonstration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeyfBbsjo40

NUS Frugal Engineering Project 2012

  • A month long research trip to the BKL Walalwakar hospital in India, applying ethnography and exploring ways to improve the hospital with affordable and sustainable technology.
  • Studied how various departments of the hospital operated and identified problems which the staff faced during work
  • Prototyped a dental recording system and light emitting dental mouth mirrors for the dental department in the BKL Walalwakar hospital


National University of Singapore (B.Eng.) Electrical Engineering 2010- 2014

  • Minor in Technopreneurship
  • NUS Kent Ridge Scholarship
  • Related Courses
    • Neural networks and fuzzy logic systems
    • Distributed autonomous robotic systems
    • Embedded hardware systems design
    • Electric drive systems
    • Hardware software interface
    • Communication systems
    • Operating systems
    • Data structures and algorithms

Stanford University 2013

  • Took graduate modules in Management Science and Engineering under the NUS Overseas College programme.

NUS Overseas Colleges 2013

  • NOC Silicon Valley Batch 23 (NCSV 23)

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